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Our virtual Chief Information Officer is here to help you every step of the way. With a strong business experience and deep technical expertise across a range of IT platforms, our vCIO is well equipped to drive strategic and technical business conversations into positive results.

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with you every step of the way

From the introduction or conception of an idea all the way to the implementation and post-evaluation of a solution, we are there alongside you to actualize outcomes and foster your business objectives. Our partnership means we’re in this together.

technology assessments

Our proprietary assessment identifies gaps in your current IT infrastructure, processes, and governance. This dynamic tool quantifies your evolving IT maturity as your IT posture improves. Think of it as a scorecard for your business, measured against industry best practices.

planning and budgeting

During quarterly, biannual or annual business reviews, our customized report is updated and used to develop and track strategic IT initiatives. We’ll identify growth areas, efficiency opportunities, and risk mitigation, all captured by a budgetary tool that organizes future investments and projects.

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customer service

Our experienced and friendly team is ready to support you. We continuously strive to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction. Every day we analyze your ticket trends in order to improve problem resolution times and to proactively prevent future issues from occurring.

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experienced engineers

Our team is so skilled that some of the world’s biggest IT manufacturers have contracted out our technicians to do large-scale and highly-technical implementations for private and public sector organizations. Certifications across most Tier 1 and Tier 2 vendors are held by our team of 10+ engineers with over 100 years of collective industry expertise.

customer satisfaction

Satisfied is good, but thrilled is our goal. We aim to delight you with our service, focusing on your happiness as measured by prompt, successful resolutions. By listening to your feedback and acting on your suggestions, our customer happiness rate continually hovers in the high 90s.


Think of us as Big Data for your service management and operational efficiency. Our reports tell you a story about your organization and its people. Hundreds of measurement parameters can be custom tweaked to analyze your specific IT environment, from monitoring incidents and devices to the pattern recognition of ticket events.

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manage and monitor

Our Network Operations Center (NOC) is constantly managing and maintaining your technology infrastructure. We make sure all of your systems are routinely updated in order to maintain security and reliability. We also give you access to our tailor-made monitoring application so you can have full visibility to your systems 24x7.

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enterprise monitoring

We use the latest enterprise remote management and monitoring (RMM) tools to continuously monitor the health of your technology infrastructure. You get peace of mind knowing that our team of experts is constantly monitoring your infrastructure so we can immediately address any issues and keep your infrastructure running.

patching and remediation

Keeping your servers up-to-date is a grind. We ensure that the latest critical security patches are installed and updated during an off-hour maintenance window to ensure minimal impact on users’ ability to work.

single pane of glass

Our tailored-made application ingests and normalizes data from all your different monitoring, cloud and service management tools. The consolidated data can then be easily visualized, analyzed, routed and processed. It’s the overlord of your IT environment.

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professional services

Our team of Solution Architects and Senior Engineers have an average experience of 20+ years designing, managing, and migrating enterprise systems. We specialize in cloud architecture, cyber security and the data center.

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cloud architecture

Modernize, scale, and secure your organization’s digital infrastructure, databases and workloads. Our expert cloud architects guide you through every step of your cloud transformation journey from concept, development, to fully managed services.

cyber security

Long gone are the days when all you needed was a decent firewall and an up-to-date virus scanner to protect your systems. Our tailored security services help provide a strategic path which in turn helps you achieve your security plan.

data center

Our data center experts are ready to make your operational capabilities meet your business needs. We improve your data center efficiency by automating various routine processes such as security, maintenance and application delivery.

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our certifications

Rest assured that our engineers have the proper street creeds to back up our services.

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